Thursday, October 23, 2008

What the heck are Etsy Treasuries, and why are you designing them?

Those who know me probably notice me going on sometimes about the etsy treasuries. Perhaps I am a bit obsessed, but it's a fun way to hone your design skills while helping other artisans of all kinds.
Treasuries are short lived collections of handmade items for sale on They last for about 3 days before dissapearing forever.
For the uninitiated, how to create a treasury is one of the elusive mysteries of But search the etsy forums and you will quickly gain tips on how to snag a spot in the treasury, and how to design a successful one. Successful means that your treasury could possibly reside on the front page of etsy for a brief time, gaining views, 'hearts',exposure, and sales for the artists whose items you chose.
At the same time it's a little self promotion for the curator of the treasury. Folks I feature in my treasuries tend to feature me in theirs. For instance, today I'm in this monster themed treasury by The Little Red Door! The more items you click on when visiting a treasury, the higher it moves in the 'hot' list, potentially getting even MORE attention. There is also an option to comment on each treasury.
I haven't gotten around to asking my techy hubbyboy how to get a whole treasury on the screen at once so I can save a screen shot. Until then, thanks to kind etsians everywhere, you can see some of my previous treasuries on flickr:

Enjoy yourself, don't forget to have some fun today!



Blogger mrsb said...

What a great treasury! I loved all the little monsters!

October 23, 2008 at 8:40 AM  

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