Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick Art Upate

Two recent treasuries: White Elephant Sale and My Version of Cute.

The "About Face" opening was relaxing and fantastic. The show was very well received. Our festivities drew a crowd. I painted a lot of faces, young and not so young! There were about 12 artists drawing from a model for about an hour, good music and yummy treats, many of them homemade.

I worked hard on this show for the past 6 weeks, right up to cleaning up after the party. I had a good time, and learned a lot about publicity. I was thankful for my event planning experience. While I was painting faces in the back, one of my unframed paintings on paper sold in the front gallery. So I was quite inspired to get more of my 'not-so-recent' work into mats and out where it can be seen and appreciated.

I am preparing for several other upcoming shows, and my work will soon be available at Artworks.

More soon! Ang


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