Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art in the Park Stevensville

I was outdoors all day yesterday in Stevensville, MD with friends Rich and Laura, attempting to share our art with the public. This was my first time setting up a booth at an "Art in the Park" event, though I have participated in the indoor variety a few times. This event was put on by KIFA , and it was their first year doing it. The organizers did a great job, so I am very sad for them that it didn't work out!

The park was lovely, just very, very wet. This morning I found out there were water spouts (basically tornado funnels over the water) spotted off of Love Point yesterday, which is basically where we were defending our tent and our art against torrential downpours and thunderstorms.

The organizers let us know we were welcome to leave early, and many artists did just that. I guess after having gone to so much trouble getting ready and setting up our tent, we just hung around! We met a lot of nice people and enjoyed seeing their work. We enjoyed each others company and laughed a lot. Mud past the ankles was the fashion statement of the day. I had a nice hot dog. Believe it or not I got a little sunburned in the brief breaks between the storms, which I lost count of.

Pictured: our tent, drowned rat me and some of my paintings, Rich saving our tent from pools of water on the roof, and Rich and Laura Hall in the park's gazebo.


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