Friday, October 31, 2008

Bacon Bracelet Featured on Fashion Blog

I was tickled to disover that my bacon bracelet is featured among a group of bacon themed fashion items on Trend de la Creme. It's a fabulous looking, keen blog with a sense of humor.
Trend de la Creme is published by Jill Sherman, who is described on the blog as a marketing professional by day with a passion for "the next relevant, interesting, and/or unsavory trend".
While you are there, check out Just Nosing Around and Who Killed Fluffy? I also found the Skeletal Chic fashions fascinating, a sort of ironic commentary on the models underneath the fashions.
Even if you don't think of yourself as a fashion aficionado, poke around a bit on Trend de la Creme for some interesting food for thought and for the eyeballs.
My bacon bracelet came about when I made a bacon jewelry gift set for a dear friend. The bacon bracelet featured in my etsy shop and on the fashion blog was made with the leftover (and somewhat less savory) bacon pieces. As I eat turkey bacon, they tend to look more like that fine food product when left in the microwave for too long.


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