Monday, April 2, 2012

Young Children make Art Bookmarks for Humane Society

"Artworks for Children” students in the Millington Elementary Extended Day Art Club participated in a fun and productive community service project. The project spanned several art club afternoons with many steps and discoveries, and continues to help local shelter animals even as I write this article.

Using painting, drawing, and collage techniques, students in grades 1-5 each made between 1-5 bookmarks honoring our local Humane Society. After learning how The Humane Society of Kent County, Maryland helps animals, the students were each asked to donate at least one completed bookmark to the Humane Society. Most children donated at least three, with many donating four or even all five of their artful, pet-themed bookmarks! The grand total was over 70 beautiful bookmarks, which have already brought smiles to students, teachers, and Humane Society Staff members.

An important phase of the project was the students delivering their bookmarks to the Humane Society staff. Courtney Phelps of HSKC, along with three feline friends, visited the students last Tuesday afternoon during a special assembly. At the end of Courtney's presentation, small groups of students enjoyed some educational play time with the calm and cuddly cats. Then students presented the bookmarks to Courtney, which they hoped could be used to raise awareness and funds for rescued animals.

The Humane Society is offering these bookmarks for sale at the upcoming Mutt Strutt on April 21st and at their regular booth at the Chestertown Farmer's Market. If you are interested in receiving bookmarks for a small donation to the Humane Society, please attend these events, or contact HSKC directly at (410) 778-3648. Another way to contact them is through their facebook page.

You could alternately contact me if you see a specific bookmark here that you would like so that I can see if it is available :)I will be posting more bookmark photos on the humane society page and also on my facebook page.

As the after school community art teacher of these generous students, I have found this project extremely eye-opening and incredibly uplifting. My heart was warmed as I was reminded of the generosity of children in general. Now I am moved and inspired to be more like them, and I hope the feeling spreads as this project continues to make its way through the larger community.

The seed of this project was planted by writer / organic florist / teacher Lisa Biggar, who asked me to collaborate on a community service project with her extended day students. Lisa can be found at and at her writing website. When Lisa is involved in things, they tend to grow in an organic manner that is enjoyable to all! Thanks to all staff involved, including Artworks volunteer “Mr. Jason” for supporting this project.


Blogger Annie said...

Fantastic project! I love the mash-up of art and community service. Add in the fact that it's kids who created the art and what you have created is a win-win-win. Thanks for encouraging creativity everywhere you go. :)

April 2, 2012 at 4:10 PM  
Blogger makayla said...

This is what teaching is all about, you are not just teaching collage, painting, or drawing techniques, you are teaching compassion, generosity, and the joy that comes from giving a piece of oneself to a larger cause. Not to mention the warm fuzzy feeling of helping warm fuzzy friends.

April 2, 2012 at 9:43 PM  

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