Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vintage Art Unearthed

I've been gathering and going through art from my college and high school days. Some professors insisted that we save every shred of a thing we ever made but did not sell to someone else. The importance of having the older works was to see our progress. (Of course the thought was that if we ever had our 15 minutes of fame turn into a longer period, our older works would be valuable.)

You can take pictures of older works and simply recycle them, but then you lack the sensory experience of seeing the texture of the charcoal on the discolored newsprint, hearing the rustle of the paper, and the distinctive aroma of older art.

That being said, I currently reside in a 'doubled up' situation, sharing far too little space with the man I love and his family, and paying far too much each month for storage. So when I rescued this art from my Mom's and Friend's attics and barns, I resolved to pare down to the strongest works and free the rest into the 'wild'.

In this case, the wild is your homes, friends, thrift stores, or even the recycle bins. I would prefer more of them to go to your homes and friends! So if you'd be so kind to take a looksy here at my facebook art page album of older art, and keep an eye on my art page for upcoming photos, you can simply let me know if there is something you must have. Most of these works I will part with for the cost of shipping alone. (I do request a small additional donation if you can afford it.) Disclaimer: priorities may require you to wait a bit for me to package the 'free' art and get the shipping price for you, but I will do my best to get these to their 'forever homes'.

A forever home is not a closet. I only request that you provide the work with the proper respect, a mat and/or frame, and a place for it to be seen on your walls. Or, gift it to someone who will likely do this.

I will try to update the photos with notes as items become unavailable. Hope you enjoy looking, and hope you'll follow my facebook art page!


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