Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello all

Recent art tidbits:

I am honored to have been asked back to St. Martin's Ministries "Sitting Pretty" annual charity auction and dinner. Money raised will help homeless women and children to get back on their feet.

Over the past few months I completed the pictured ten inch sculpture for the auction, which will take place in early October. The sculpture is titled "Chair of Possibilities". I imagined it as a model for a fantastical chair that would be given to a child. The chair would grow and change in whimsical and poetic ways to support the person throughout their life. Please contact me if you are interested in placing a silent bid. Starting bid is $30.

Also, I am honored that someone I admire is repainting and redecorating her entire bathroom to compliment a painting she recently purchased from me! For me, this is a new phenomenon, and very complimentary. The other interesting tidbit about this painting is that prior to it finding its new home, apparently the mayor took it home to see if it would go with her dining room, but it was a no-go. I am honored that my work is being recognized and enjoyed.

"Four Under Forty" continues to be a lovely experience. Visitors to the show are very appreciative and many have freely shared their thoughts on how our work moves them. I had a sale to a lovely young family.

In celebrity news, R. Crumb is coming to town and speaking with my friend and colleague Robbi Behr at the Prince Theatre! Robbi is one of our 'Four Under Forty' Artists. I am just tickled, and can't wait! Hope I can get in, I suspect it will be a popular event (part of our Chestertown Book Festival)!

I teach a six week drawing class starting this Wednesday. I also go to my first antique letterpress and bookbinding class with Will on Tuesday! Lots happening here. I feel blessed. Now if I could get myself more work I'd be happier than a honeybee!

I will try to post more tidbits and pictures as I can. I have just returned from a trip to visit with family so am a bit disorganized and more behind than usual! Lots of art stuff being tossed around and finalized - more children's classes in October, as well as a 'feature' at Artworks. Stay tooned!



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