Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Art Card Giveaway Promotion just got better!

Hello All,
I made a happy mistake, and my etsy and artfire customers get the benefit!

The current art card giveaway just got even better. The original deal is described here

The available cards can be viewed here

Please pick out your card before ordering, and include the title in the notes on your order. If you forget, you can contact me via etsy or artfire 'convo' or message.

PLEASE NOTE that if you leave a note under the photo in the facebook album, I may not see it right away. However, feel free to write anything you like there, such as 'mine, mine, mine!' ;) If the card doesn't go out with your order for some reason, I'll be sure to send it as soon as you ask!

This has been an incredibly fun and fulfilling experiment. I am continuing to make new art cards every week. An exiting collaboration is also taking shape. I look forward to telling you more!

One last note: Where art cards are concerned, trading is often involved. Occasionally I may mark one of the offerings as 'unavailable' so that I can trade it with another artist. PLEASE if you are an artist who wants to trade cards, let me know. I would love to see your cards. I did my first art card trade this week and I would love to collect a few more!


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