Sunday, December 21, 2008


Here is a pic of a part of the lovely treasury I am featured in. Click here to view the whole treasury. This collection was curated by thepairabirds. Please click on as many items as you wish and leave a comment. (The clicks and comments help us sellers.)

In other art news, I currently have 2 black and white works in an exhibit at the Chestertown Arts League through the end of January. I have also brought 4 original small matted mixed media pieces for the art bin sale area. I am working on getting some greeting and note cards together for them as well. A new locking jewelry cabinet was donated, and I am asked to bring some of my jewelry items too. Now if we could just get some more traffic to the gallery!

I am working on a custom illustration and new years greeting post card. It has been a huge struggle to face and do the work on this job. Mostly because it involves drawing archetectual elements with lots of straight lines and correct angles. That's something I have been avoiding like the plague since my wrist pain and other pain problems started 8 years ago. But a few weeks ago my neighbor caught me in one of those 'say yes to every opportunity' moods. So now I am faced with the challenge.

My biggest obstacle right now is just diving into the project. I can see so many possibilities on approaching the piece that it is overwhelming. I just have to try a few of them and see what gels.
So far I am playing with scissors and paper and a ruler.

The holiday is fast approaching. As usual, I have mixed feelings about this season. Mostly I am counting the days until I can walk into a public place without hearing bad Christmas music blaring at me so loud I can't think. Perhaps later I'll write a blog entry about me and the holidays, but mostly I think if I just let it go and move on it will be fine! The good news is that on Christmas day I'll get to hang out with some of my favorite people, Will's family. His sister and bro-in law are making the trip from Pittsburgh and I really look forward to seeing them.
Finally, I'm tossing around a 'blog giveaway' in the new year. However, I don't know if I have enough people reading my blog yet to get a fair amount of entries. So if you are reading, and would be interested in participating in a blog giveaway contest, please just say 'I' or whatnot. Also if you want to, let me know what you'd like me to give away: A painting, piece of jewelry, small polymer clay figure, or something else entirely.

Peace to you and your families, hope you have great times relaxing and enjoying each others company, which is of course what it's all about. I'll miss those of you whom we've spent many holidays with in the past: Gin, Evan, Uncle Dan, Uncle Jim, Ian, Jo, Forest, Brian, and Tomji. I am filling imaginary stockings for you. LOTS of chocolate!


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Custom Clay Figure

I've been busy with art related projects, so busy in fact, that I haven't been able to keep up with blog entries about the various results!

A few weeks ago, "The Horn Man", otherwise known as Bill Nemoyten, celebrated his birthday with family and friends. Since this happened in Northern CA, I was sadly unable to attend. However, I was honored to be asked by his daughter, my dear friend Jo, to make one of my custom 'horny guy' polymer clay figures in Bill's likeness.
It was a load of fun. I boosted up the size quite a bit from the little lumps I've been making lately. This was at Ian's request (Ian is Jo's husband... and happens to be a fan of monumental sculpture.) I doubt the figure was much more than 4 inches tall when completed. (Someday, Ian, The Horn Man may loom over all of the Bay Area. I'm just not there yet! ;)

I have posted a picture of Bill from his website, which I worked from to make the sculpture in the second picture. It was a joy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Honored by another fine Treasury!

I have a new friend on etsy, Joanne of Shaving Kit Supplies. I met her when we were working on a top secret holiday project together. She's really a hoot and a smart creative cookie to boot. She recently mentioned to me she was building a treasury around my "Orchard Time" painting. Lo and behold, she did! Here it is.

Please buy something from Joanne if you are in the mood. You won't regret it!