Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art in the Park Yesterday in Stevensville

Sharing a couple pictures from yesterday's Art in the Park event in Stevensville, MD. Compared to last year's deluge and nearby tornado touchdowns, the weather was terrific! (though very, very hot and humid.) Hot sunny weather is terrific for the few people who come out to stroll and view our offerings. However, it is by no means ideal for someone with chronic pain and fatigue to be out in all day. I was by no means the only uncomfortable vendor, though I may be the only one considering that this type of activity is truly not for me and thinking I'll stick to the indoor shows. I am taking a quiet day at home with my ice packs and audio books hoping to avoid a major fibromyalgia flare up.
Though lovely in many ways, the event was not very well attended, as it is only in its second year and I didn't get the impression it was well publicized. It has the potential of being a terrific event, though the band didn't show up and I think music would have made a huge difference in attracting patrons and keeping them around.
Personally I am not too thrilled with booths selling mass produced jewelry and other products at events like these. With the pocketbook in mind, shoppers will ooh and ahh over the local hand made goods, then head over to the nearest booth where they can get a necklace from China for $5 or those rubber bands shaped like animals for their kids. Though these items do add to the 'fair' environment, something about being interspersed with those booths rubbed me the wrong way. Again, all a learning experience. One can certainly ask what type of vendors will be present, and who will be located where (for instance seperate areas for handmade and local vs. merchandise from anywhere may be helpful but still not ideal.)
Having done a few of these fairs has been a learning experience. The preparation in itself is a lot of work, much of which involves gripping and other hand movements for things like cleaning small silver jewelry parts and removing and adding price tags. Then there's the selection, packing and hauling of everything to the site (thankfully I had help from my tent mates.) Include in this are your art, display devices, chair and table, rain gear and tarps, as well as all the minutia of needed tools and office supplies, snacks, water, sunscreen, change, calculator, receipt pad... suddenly you've got a lot of stuff to pack up and consider how you are going to access if and when you need it at the fair.
It will probably take me months to unpack the bins and boxes. I still haven't cleaned the muddy shoes I wore there last summer!
I met many wonderful and interesting people. Had some more teaching leads. So that made it worthwhile. Mercifully my tent mates made a purchase from me at the end of the event. that paid for chinese food dinner upon arriving home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday June 19 Art in the Park Stevensville, MD

I'll be sharing a space with friends Rich and Laura Hall to show (and hopefully sell) some of my art and craft items including small paintings, cards, polymer clay sculpture and jewelry, and 'mini masks' such as these...
There will also be live music, food vendors, and a farmers market. I hope you'll come along! If you are interested, here is more information about the event.

(Pictured is "Float" by Angela Ranzoni)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

My "Lollipop Monster" painting in print

Some recent print press for an Arts League show. I have 3 small paintings in the show which have never been shown before. Don't know if this is readable (other than the duckie race ad) but perhaps if you click on it, you will have some success!

Soon I will post a schedule of upcoming shows and outdoor art events in which I am involved.

Also I now have a facebook page for my art:!/pages/The-Art-of-Angela-Ranzoni/109161362462200?ref=mf I hope you'll visit and say hello! We've got a lot of fun things going on over there, such as a special promotion for a small sculpture that is dropping a $1 a day until it sells. I sure hope it sells before it hits a dollar.

Thanks for stopping by!