Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Treasuries, New Blog

I am showcasing the wonderfully weird of etsy - here's a snippet of it:

VickiDianeDesigns of etsy is featuring me in one of her very popular 'Artists Exposed' treasuries!

Click here to see it. Below is a photo snippet:Finally, I am now a blog contributor on Monster Etsy. I think if you click,you'll see why! Some of my favorite etsy artisans are also there.

More soon, keep making stuff and buying handmade!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quick Art Upate

Two recent treasuries: White Elephant Sale and My Version of Cute.

The "About Face" opening was relaxing and fantastic. The show was very well received. Our festivities drew a crowd. I painted a lot of faces, young and not so young! There were about 12 artists drawing from a model for about an hour, good music and yummy treats, many of them homemade.

I worked hard on this show for the past 6 weeks, right up to cleaning up after the party. I had a good time, and learned a lot about publicity. I was thankful for my event planning experience. While I was painting faces in the back, one of my unframed paintings on paper sold in the front gallery. So I was quite inspired to get more of my 'not-so-recent' work into mats and out where it can be seen and appreciated.

I am preparing for several other upcoming shows, and my work will soon be available at Artworks.

More soon! Ang